FMODB: The database of quantum mechanical data based on the FMO method

Last updated: 2024-05-02

All entries: 37386

Number of unique PDB entries: 7781


  ├ Papain like protease(145)

  ├ Main protease(906)

  ├ ADP ribose phosphatase(20)

  ├ RNA dependent RNA polymerase(21)

  ├ Endoribonuclease(20)

  ├ 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase(7)

  ├ Spike protein(107)

  ├ Nucleocapsid protein(19)

  └ Helicase(61)

  └ Other SARS-CoV-2(26)

  ├ Kinase: p38(188)

  ├ Kinase: Aurora(46)

  ├ Kinase: CHK1(43)

  ├ Nuclear receptor: ERa(60)

  ├ Nuclear receptor: ERb(77)

  ├ CDK2(77)

  └ ApoStructure(23746)

  └ TrpCage(76)

  └ HIV-1 Protease(27)

  └ TrpCage(991)

  └ polyQ(10000)

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