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Last updated: 2019-08-29

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X-ray All Entries(1266)

  ├ Kinase: p38(188)

  ├ Kinase: Aurora(46)

  ├ Kinase: CHK1(43)

  ├ Nuclear receptor: ERa(60)

  ├ Nuclear receptor: ERb(53)

  └ ApoStructure(680)

NMR All Entries(103)

  └ TrpCage(76)

MD All Entries(1081)

  └ TrpCage(991)

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PDB ID Search: 1ERE

FMODB ID Search: 5P4NP

UniProt ID Search: P03372

Keyword Search(Target): Estrogen receptor alpha

Keyword Search(Ligand): NHI

Keyword Search(Ligand:DrugName): Diethylstilbestrol

Keyword Search(Ligand:CAS Number): 56-53-1

Blast Search: Sequence of 3RIN / E-Value Cutoff E-148

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